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The SIP International Commodities Exhibition Center

Longistics has established business development opportunities for exhibitors at Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) in China by establishing the SIP International Commodities Exhibition Center. The Exhibition Center offers your company the opportunity to reach millions of new customers interested in purchasing your products or services. It is a continuous exhibition space that can be used as a forward staging area of products or services for sale and distribution in China, as well as re-export to other Pacific Rim countries.

The SIP International Commodities Exhibition Center is hosts products and services from all industries and markets. Some of our exhibitors include:

The SIP International Commodities Exhibition Center will allow businesses an easy and cost-effective way to gain access to China, the third largest market for American exports after Canada and Mexico. Exhibitors at the Center will be able to display products in bonded, secure areas and benefit from regular promotional activities by SIP, Longistics, and Rare Bird Trading Company to buyers in the Jiangsu Province, along with government officials and businesses throughout China. They will also have access to two Foreign Trade Zones operated by Longistics – FTZ 214, located in the Global TransPark near Kinston, N.C., and FTZ 93, located in Research Triangle Park, and the largest Integrated Free Trade Zone in China operated by our partner SeAll. Access to these FTZs and IFTZ allow duty free import and export of products, samples and exhibitor space materials.

Longistics has strong relationships with Chinese government officials at national, provincial, and municipal levels following years of meetings with state and business delegations. These relationships assisted in the creation of SIP International Commodities Exhibition Center.

Sited next to the ancient city of Suzhou (the "Venice of the East," pronounced "SUE-joh"), and described by China Daily as a leading industrial park in China, the SIP measures nearly 300 square kilometers and houses 14,500 companies, more than 70 of which are in the Fortune 500. It is the second largest Industrial City in China next to Shanghai.

The SIP's advantages include:

  1. Location – SIP sits at the intersection of the two primary economic zones of China, the coastal economic belt and the Yangtze River-Economic Delta.
  2. Unique cooperation between China & Singapore governments – A relationship established in 1994, SIP was a joint venture between China and Singapore, who had the most successful business and high tech parks in Asia. Singapore was responsible for citing the park and establishing SIP's autonomous government structure.
  3. Convenience – SIP is equidistant from Beijing and Tianjin to the North and Hong Kong and Guangzhou to the South. It lies only 50 miles/80 kilometers from Shanghai, 62 miles/100 km from Shanghai airport and 87 miles/140 km from Shanghai harbor.
  4. Economic status – As of February 2010, its cumulative contractual foreign investment is USD 37.85 Billion. Its cumulative utilized foreign investment is USD 17.59 Billion.
  5. Intellectual property and tax protection – SIP's autonomous government structure include strong intellectual property protection and tax protection that are unique to China.
    1. SIP encourages enterprises to adopt a non-competition system in accordance with the law and to sign confidentiality agreements with technicians, operation personnel, and managing personnel that are involved in trade secrets on details concerning application scope, expiry date, method and conditions.
    2. SIP also charges no tax for transactions between enterprises within the IFTZ and no tax for goods in the IFTZ or for re-exports from China.
  6. Chinese Government model – SIP remains the test-bed of economic and tax policies for the rest of China. It is an integrated high-tech park developer and operator.
  7. Other unique advantages – Convenient and efficient one-stop service, world-class infrastructures, abundant human resources, 11 universities in education town, dormitories for employees, unique Social Security scheme (Provident Fund Scheme – modeled after Singapore CPF system), medical service, international schools and pleasant living space.

For more information on the Center and opportunities to exhibit your business there, contact Lou Tapper at (919) 872-7626 or e-mail tapper@longistics.com.