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Rare Bird Trading Company Partners With Longistics For Import and Export Services

Posted: June 13, 2011

The Rare Bird Trading Company, located in Suzhou, China, helps both U.S. and China business owners extend their marketplace to overseas retailers.

Whether helping to establish an office in Shanghai or finding a reliable business partner for a joint venture, Rare Bird Trading Company serves as an import/export bridge. For U.S. and China companies, services include: Global sourcing, Consultation, and Logistics

Rare Bird Trading Company provides turnkey import and export services, making it easier to do business in China. Having developed relationships and knowledge of the import and export industry in China and North Carolina and the company can offer assistance with the clearance of products through customs. Rare Bird Trading Company will handle all logistics, including storing, warehousing and distribution of your products.

For more information, contact Pat Long at (919) 281-2788 or by email at pat@rarebirdtrading.com.